Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October's Clitorati Challenge: Feel your Boobies

This month's Clitorati challenge is to Feel Your Boobies,
and to promise to do so every month.

Because the earlier you detect breast cancer the more likely you are to undergo successful treatment. Early detection is key to survival. If breast cancer is found and diagnosed while still confined to the breast, the 5-year survival rate is more than 90 percent.

But that's only Part 1 of the challenge. Part 2 is to remind as many women as you can of the importance of preforming a monthly self exam. This is just as important as Part 1.

This month's prize:
A super cute Pink ribbon key chain.3" x 1" , 5" in total length

To win the goods preform a self breast exam, then remind 3 other women that its breast cancer awareness month and remind them to preform a self breast exam. You can do this in person or via a facebook or twitter post.

Once you have done both (Dont cheat on the self exam. 1 in 8 women in the US develop breast cancer in their lifetime and early detection is the key to survival) post a comment here saying "for the love of tatas, i felt mine" along with the first names of the women you showed Vulva Love to or the post you used to do so.

Remember, Clitorati, we are here for the love of women. Breast Cancer is killing them so do what you can to show the Love and save a life.


de_mim said...

for the love of tatas, i felt mine

Marissa {KoDs} said...

For the love of tatas, I felt mine!!!!

So far, I have Lindsay, Ashley, Ana, Cheyenne, and Erika!

& I'm sure I will have more awesome females to remind and add to that list!!

pippers1981 said...

for the love of tatas, I felt mine
I've sent notification to EVERYONE on my contact list :)

afrohippi said...

I FELT MY BOOBIES! and because i did, i found a supposed cyst... went to my gynecologist, says i have to get an ultrasound then possibly biopsy/drain it. YAY FOR FEELING THE BOOBIES! even though i shouldn't be having problems at age 20 :/

i made Feel Your Boobies my profile pic on facebook and made a status about it, and told my friends Monique (who also has a cyst), Dacia, my mommy, and Ariana!

Vulva said...

Marissa took this one!
That girl's got eggs.

E-mail me at with your mailing address and mad props.