Sunday, July 19, 2009

The G Spot Part 2: Lets Play explorer

Before you go exploring you need some tools:
*G Spot Vibrator
*A Sweet Explorer's Hat

Which lubricant you use is up to you, just make sure you stay away from anything flavored (very sticky).
The vibrator is a really important tool. I found that attempting to find it with my hand alone was highly unsuccessful and made my wrist hurt pretty sufficiently.

You have several options when choosing a G Spot vibrator. I recommend investing in these two:

The first one is firm, so its very easy to move around and reposition. This will be your main tool in finding your G Spot. You can get it here: for a whopping $7.90. While its not the best quality, its very affordable, ships quickly and three months later mine is still working. A nice side-note: its waterproof.

The second one is a 'jelly'. Its soft, flexible and has a textured clitoral stimulator. Because its flexible its really not very useful in finding your G Spot because you cant reposition it or move it around- it just kind of bends. The reason I recommend it is this: once you have found your G Spot you can use this toy to stimulate both your G Spot and your Clitoris at once- which is just super. You can get it here: for only $9.95. Again, not the greatest quality but if you are low on funds they ship fast, are affordable and mine still works after 3 months. This is my favorite toy so it has seen quite a bit of use in those three months. Shipping for both was about $7-8 dollars for me.

Now that your geared up lets talk about where your G Spot is and how to find it.

First things first: make sure that you are very aroused before looking around. When you are highly aroused your G Spot swells, making it easier to find. Once you're revved up, lie on your back with your legs spread and knees bent. Start by using just your fingers. With your palm facing upward, gently slide your index and middle fingers a couple of inches into your vaginal canal and make slow come-hither motions against the front of your upper vaginal wall. It will be a small area that feels spongy. If you are aroused it should be engorged, making it more prominent. If you reach a structure that feels smooth and firm, like the tip of your nose, your touching your cervix (the lower part of the uterus), and you've gone too far up.

The only way to really know if you've hit the bull's-eye is if stroking the area arouses you. Massage it in a rhythmic motion with varying amounts of pressure, switching among a flickering move, rubbing from side-to-side, or tracing circles. Don't be surprised if you feel like you have to urinate. The feeling usually subsides. If you are anything like me doing this for just a few minutes makes your wrist hurt. Switch to your G Spot vibrator. This will make it much easier to reach and make massaging side to side and tracing circles much easier.

You are probably not going to find it the first time you go looking for it. Dont let it stress you out. Try for a little while and then move on, you have another button that is fun to push. Im sure your partner is amazing but they are not going to be able to find it and then stay in exactly that position for any useful amount of time. It would be like you pointing to a spot on the wall, sending them out of the house and then telling them to come back in and find that exact spot again with the lights out.

Because of its proximity to your urethra- take it easy. Don't be rough or try for longer than 15 minutes at a time with your fingers. The last thing you want to do is give yourself a UTI. Because your vibrators are more pin pointed and smooth than your hand they are less likely to agitate your urethra.

Remember: its not likely to send you into an instant mind blowing orgasm. For some women it will feel very nice, just like a clitoral orgasm can be very nice. For some women it may feel uncomfortable, just like some women find having their nipples pinched is uncomfortable. Some may not feel anything at all and some may have a very intense orgasm. Either way chances are good all of your lady parts are functional. If you find that stimulating your G Spot is not pleasurable or is uncomfortable there are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself.

Most importantly: Be calm. Enjoy yourself. Take your time. Getting to know yourself, your body, and your Vagina can be very fulfilling and increase your ability to express your self sexually.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The G Spot Part 1: The Myth

I was wasting time in the forums the other day when I came along a conversation about the G spot. Of course I rushed in to see what was going on.
I found, to my horror, that 98% of the people (women and men) that were part of the conversation had a very misguided idea about what the G spot is. (See picture below)

Disclaimer: Results not typical

For the VAST majority of women stimulation of the G Spot will not send them into an instant screaming orgasm. Sure, some women can do it. Some women can also orgasm with stimulation of their breasts alone. Is it common? No. Are your lady parts on the fritz because you cant squirt or have a G Spot orgasm? Definitely not.

Just like the clitoris, the G spot is a button. You don't just press down on your clitoris and wait for an orgasm to happen. The same is true for your G spot. You continually stimulate it and then you orgasm. It is very unlikely that you will fly off of the bed in rapture or squirt all over the sheets. Many women may not orgasm from stimulation of the G spot or report any pleasurable sensation at all. (Guess what? You have another, more easily located button to push).

The reports of several women I know, plus my own personal observations find that a woman's G spot orgasm will vary for each women. Some of the women say that for them there is no difference in a G spot orgasm vs a clitoral orgasm. Some women say it is slightly more intense and quick than a clitoral orgasm. Others say its a softer, slower, less pronounced orgasm than a clitoral orgasm.
No instant, earth shattering orgasms were reported.

My experience is this: The G spot is a very fun button. I have several of those. When pressed separately its fun, takes me about 45 minutes to orgasm. When all are pressed sequentially its really fun and it takes me about 25 minutes to orgasm.

To sum up: If you locate and stimulate your G spot you may orgasm and you may not. The likelihood that you will have an instantaneous, intense, rapturous orgasm is pretty low.

Now that you have a realistic idea of what to expect and you are interested in trying to locate your G spot, I will explain the method I used in tomorrow's blog.

Monday, July 6, 2009

For the Love of Frida!

Today is July 6th, the day that Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was born. A feminist before her time, she inspires many women today to live fully and express themselves openly. An independent woman, Frida refused to pluck her uni brow or 'mustache'. She celebrated them, painting them into her self portraits. She was a vibrant, sexually liberated woman. Her father is quoted as telling her future husband, "She is a devil". Her works display her preoccupation with female themes and the candor with which she expressed them has made her a feminist icon in the last decades of the 20th century.
As a celebration of her life I listed my Frida: Feminist Icon Uterus Plush today.

With all of the Frida love going around I thought I would tell you a bit about her, hopefully I can do her justice.

Frida was born on July 6th, 1926. At the age of 6 she contracted polio, which left her right leg thinner than her left. She wore full, billowing Spanish skirts to hide this fact. She was working towards being a doctor. At the age of 15 she was accepted into a prestigious medical preparatory school in Mexico City. Three years later her plans changed when she was involved in a devastating bus accident.

She suffered fractures of the back, collar bone, ribs, pelvis, shoulder, and foot. An iron handrail had pierced through her abdomen and uterus. She spent over a year immobilized in bed recovering. It was during this time that Frida turned towards painting. Her mother had an easel made for her so that she would be able to create while in bed. During the span of her life Frida went through 35 operations. She lived in constant pain that would often become so intense she would be confined to the hospital for months at a time.

Drawing from her own personal experiences stemming from her numerous operations, her marriage, and miscarriages her works are characterized by stark portrayals of pain. She is quoted saying, "I never painted my dreams. I painted my own reality".
Of her 143 pieces, 55 are self portraits- most of which incorporate symbols of her physical and psychological wounds.

In 1929 Frida married artist Diego Rivera, despite her mother's disapproval. Their marriage proved to be a turbulent one. Both had fiery tempers and numerous extramarital affairs, Frida's including one of my favorite women: Joesephine Baker. Diego went a step further and had an affair with Frida's sister, Christina. This enraged Frida and the couple was divorced, but not for long. The couple remarried shortly afterword and their second marriage proved to be as turbulent as the first. They kept separate living quarters.

Before she passed Frida wrote in her journal, "I hope the exit is joyful - and I hope never to return".
Frida died on July 13th. 1954 at the age of 47. The official cause of death is cited as pulmonary embolism. No autopsy was preformed and some suspected that she died from an overdose that may or may not have been accidental. Days before her death her leg had been amputated at the knee and she was again bedridden.