Friday, July 17, 2009

The G Spot Part 1: The Myth

I was wasting time in the forums the other day when I came along a conversation about the G spot. Of course I rushed in to see what was going on.
I found, to my horror, that 98% of the people (women and men) that were part of the conversation had a very misguided idea about what the G spot is. (See picture below)

Disclaimer: Results not typical

For the VAST majority of women stimulation of the G Spot will not send them into an instant screaming orgasm. Sure, some women can do it. Some women can also orgasm with stimulation of their breasts alone. Is it common? No. Are your lady parts on the fritz because you cant squirt or have a G Spot orgasm? Definitely not.

Just like the clitoris, the G spot is a button. You don't just press down on your clitoris and wait for an orgasm to happen. The same is true for your G spot. You continually stimulate it and then you orgasm. It is very unlikely that you will fly off of the bed in rapture or squirt all over the sheets. Many women may not orgasm from stimulation of the G spot or report any pleasurable sensation at all. (Guess what? You have another, more easily located button to push).

The reports of several women I know, plus my own personal observations find that a woman's G spot orgasm will vary for each women. Some of the women say that for them there is no difference in a G spot orgasm vs a clitoral orgasm. Some women say it is slightly more intense and quick than a clitoral orgasm. Others say its a softer, slower, less pronounced orgasm than a clitoral orgasm.
No instant, earth shattering orgasms were reported.

My experience is this: The G spot is a very fun button. I have several of those. When pressed separately its fun, takes me about 45 minutes to orgasm. When all are pressed sequentially its really fun and it takes me about 25 minutes to orgasm.

To sum up: If you locate and stimulate your G spot you may orgasm and you may not. The likelihood that you will have an instantaneous, intense, rapturous orgasm is pretty low.

Now that you have a realistic idea of what to expect and you are interested in trying to locate your G spot, I will explain the method I used in tomorrow's blog.

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Shary said...

So I can orgasm without even unbuttoning my pants; I can just put pressure on my vagina through jeans/undies and orgasm in 30 seconds max. Sometimes I can even orgasm just by thinking of it and contracting certain muscles.

What does that mean?