Friday, August 31, 2012

Vulva's Out and About in August!

Here are all of the customer pics we got this month! 
Now: the time has come to vote on the most awesome/creative/made me smile photo.

To cast your vote just leave the pic number in the comments.

The winner will be receiving a Vulva Doodle! One that I drew on something I randomly happened upon somewhere in my house. An awesome something {awesome bc there is a Vulva on it!}





Looks like #2 took it this month! 
So, I'm mailing her a Vulva Doodle I made... 
For her fridge


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some love for our Dandelion Breast Lotion: Recovering from a surgery gone wrong and some SERIOUS body love

I got this in my inbox and I had to share it! 
Im still all teary eyed and warm inside

"I just want to share a story with you. A few weeks ago, I ordered a mini care kit from you. 2 years ago I had breast surgery... that went VERY WRONG. After almost 2 years of recovering, I was finally ok enough to go back to normal life. But... my right breast is nothing more than a mass of scar tissue. Nothing I have used on it has helped soften the scar tissue. NOTHING. Till I started using your breast lotion. The scars will never go away and my right breast will forever be deformed... but your lotion has softened the tough, completely unelastic tissue. Enough to make it FEEL more like breast tissue. It's the best I've gotten things since this nightmare ruined my life... and I don't know how to thank you. Really. I will hopefully be able to convince you to sell more when I run out. It's really helped me... reconnect with my breasts. The breasts I have cried over for 2 years now, refused to look at, and hated. Your lotion gave me a reason to reconnect with my own body, and give it some MUCH NEEDED love. Thank you with all my heart."

This was my response: 
oh *******! I love you, you know that? It is ok if I share this? I am so happy and humbled. Every woman deserves to feel connected to her amazing, beautiful body. The scars just prove that you fought harder than most of us to lay claim to that amazing, beautiful body. That makes it even more valuable. ♥

Then I cried some more...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet our Models: Rae

Meet Rae

I was told to ask questions if I had them.
        (it was not for other people.)
    to wait.
        (it was special.)

I was never told it was wrong.
        (not to look.)
    it was disgusting.
        (not to touch.)

that’s what I heard.

I thought it was dirty.
        (made me tainted.)
     something to hide.
        (made me less than whole.)

I was not raised to feel this way.

First: there was my best friend.
Through her, I learned another side.
        (struggled with my identity.)
I learned it wasn't unusual.
        (felt sick and confused and dissociated.)
I learned about myself physically.
        (displaced from what I knew and unable to discuss it.)
I learned how to orgasm.
    I found I wasn't less than at all.

Now there is him.
    (a new friend, but still close.)
I know where I stand with my sexuality.
I am not bound by labels or pressures.
    (Nothing is lost.)
No magic button or switch decreases my value.

I get overwhelmed and disgusted.
The old judgments come pouring back in.
I crash.
I didn't wait.

Am I going to get hurt?
        (going to get sick?)
        (losing myself?)
Am I throwing away my self-worth?

Many times I was warned of
    broken friendships.
        losing this magical thing that keeps me whole.

But, no.


I deliberated.
I decided.
    They helped me.
    It was not thoughtless.
        something to scratch an itch.

So, why do I think this way?
    Because there were two?
        Because I didn’t wait?
            (not supposed to think this way.)
    putting down a good thing because it isn’t “right.”

Wasn’t it right?
    It’s like I’ve forgotten how much I considered.
    mulled over the possibilities.

I chose.
I analyzed, calculated, and I chose.

Weren’t they
both special.
both valuable.
both memorable.
    and meaningful to me.

And haven’t I become
    more aware of myself as a person and a woman.
        no longer held back by fear of failure and the unforeseen.
more accepting of people and new situations.
conscious of my own needs.

I am not broken.

Good experiences.
Helpful experiences.
Wonderful experiences
    tainted by a societal idea:
        Multiple partners before marriage?
            That’s a “no-no.”

But that’s not the case.
They were a gateway.
(not a substitute for self-worth.)

I am whole in myself.
I am capable of making good choices.
I am able to overcome challenges.
(and, I am able to do it on my own.)

I am of immeasurable worth.
(no regrets.)