Thursday, January 22, 2009

Freaking Awesome? I think its safe to say they are.

So who are my Lady Lovin' heros? Cat and Natalie, of course.

But why?

Because they rocked the Vag in their senior pictures.

How they got past mothers, then faculty, then yearbook editors I dont know. Natalie has her waysss :]

Want to see the pictures?
Of course you do!
Make note of the pink dangling from their necks.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Vagina is a Vagina!

Begin Rant/

I just want to clarify.
My Vagina is a Vagina.
She's not a Squishy, Coochie, Cooter, Pussy, Honey Pot, Pink, Coochie Snorcher, Vay Jay Jay, Snatch, Kitty Cat, and she's certainly not a beaver. Only on special occasion is she a Cunt.

She doesn't mind if your Vagina is a WhooWhoo, she can respect that. She will refer to your Vagina as a WhooWhoo if you like. But she, she is a Vagina.
She doesn't want to be cleaned up and made socially acceptable. She wants to smell like Vagina and look like Vagina, sometimes she wants to be wet, and in the end she never wants to be a beaver.

So, once again, my Vagina is exactly that. A Vagina.
End Rant\

Friday, January 9, 2009

Want a Free Healing Uterus Plush?

Of course you do!

Well, here is your chance. For the next month I will be running a charity drive though MyCause to raise money for a local Orlando group, Speaking Out About Rape, or SOAR.

Because of the economic crisis Soar has seen an decrease in much needed donations. This group helps women immensely, lets do our best to give thanks and return the favor! Here is the link! Once your there scroll down and click on the green "View this Charity" button, then donate!

SOAR provides presentations on rape awareness, educates groups who work with sexual assault victims (such as law enforcement, medical professionals, mental health workers, and advocates) on victim sensitivity and related issues, Provides financial assistance to victims when other funds are not available or don't cover a certain expense (e.g., counseling, transportation, security systems, moving expenses, daily living expenses)., works to improve the response system for victims by writing new laws, strengthening old laws, collaborating on national protocols to create a national unified response, etc., advocates for the advancement of DNA technology and the reduction of the rape-kit backlog, to help promote accuracy and success in the prosecution of rapists and so much more! Every person that donates will have their name put into a lottery. At the end of drive a winner will be selected randomly from all of the names and that supporter will win one of my Healing Uterus Plushies!

Once you donate post your name and contact email! The winner will be announced on Vday (Feb 14th).