Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Vagina is a Vagina!

Begin Rant/

I just want to clarify.
My Vagina is a Vagina.
She's not a Squishy, Coochie, Cooter, Pussy, Honey Pot, Pink, Coochie Snorcher, Vay Jay Jay, Snatch, Kitty Cat, and she's certainly not a beaver. Only on special occasion is she a Cunt.

She doesn't mind if your Vagina is a WhooWhoo, she can respect that. She will refer to your Vagina as a WhooWhoo if you like. But she, she is a Vagina.
She doesn't want to be cleaned up and made socially acceptable. She wants to smell like Vagina and look like Vagina, sometimes she wants to be wet, and in the end she never wants to be a beaver.

So, once again, my Vagina is exactly that. A Vagina.
End Rant\

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home.grown.love said...


I hesitate to use the word vagina to describe the part of my body formerly known as 'vagina'. and i'll tell you why. while i was doing the vagina monologues and other vaginal activism in 2003 I researched the root of vagina only to find that vagina is the Latin word for ‘sheath’... my cunt is not a sheath for anything, and so i have choosen to reclaim 'cunt' my descriptor of choice.

and i love it.