Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lets do a product review: The Diva Cup

I recently made the switch from tampons/cloth menstrual pads to The Diva Cup coupled with cloth menstrual pads.
If you are considering The Diva Cup, let me share my experience with you.

*What Leaks? My flow is a rush, I leak onto everything after about an hour. With the Diva Cup, that worry is almost completely gone. It does leak, but hardly. I have a very lightweight cloth menstrual pad as a back up on heavy days. I can sleep through the night and wake up with clean sheets (<3).

*I find it very comfortable once its in. Some women have to cut the stem some, but I left is as is and forget completely that its there at all. (Thats saying a lot, because I am very small - 4 ft 11 in- and my Vagina is proportional).

*Saving some green! Both environmentally and fiscally. I got mine online for $17. I haven't purchased emergency tampons/pads since.

*Its so convenient! With tampons I used to have to fill my purse with them every morning. With the cup, I leave home with it in and return home with it in, no restocking (or forgetting to re-stock).

*Can I say it? I love my period! Washing your cup rather than throwing your used tampon away really changes the way you perceive menstruation. Its no longer garbage, no longer something you throw away. For me, using the Diva Cup + cloth menstrual pads is a way of honoring myself,my body, and serves as a way for me to celebrate my womanhood.

*No risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome!

*Hypoallergenic! Im allergic to latex, certain ingredients in lubricant, so and an so on (my Vagina is picky. She is a Goddess, after all). I have no problem with the silicon Diva Cup.

*How the hell do I put this thing in? Eventually you will get the hang of it, but for your first and second cycle expect it to take a few tries.

*Menstrual blood has a very strong odor and it can be hard to get rid of. This is easily taken care of with Diva Wash. I find it works much better than soap in this particular instance.

*Suction + Horrible Cramping=Bad. When you put the Diva Cup in it seals itself in with light suction (really, its not bad at all). For me on the first day of my period Im on pain killers the pain is so bad, and on that day even dealing with the light suction can be horribly painful. That said, on regular days when I have bad cramping (not horrible) I don't really notice it.

All in all: A+. I LOVE my Diva Cup and plan to make the switch permanent.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its Going to be Different this Time.

To all of my lovely Etsy-friends, Vulva Love Lovely is going to go under construction! With the big move for grad school hopefully coming soon its time to primp and polish my shop, so keep an eye on her. ;)
If any of you lovely people would like to look her over and send me a critique I would be so so thankful, and of course would return the favor.

Back from the Great Beyond

I have missed you so.
Where was I? Everywhere. I went to the doctor, I have a cyst in my breast because I drink too much coffee. Ive cut back on the coffee and its getting smaller, so most likely it will go away on its own.
Then I had a crazy weekend touring Florida.
My partner's cousin was married Friday, so we drove to Melbourne (1 hr). The next morning we helped my mom out at her coffee shop (hence my addiction) and then it was back to Orlando for marriage prep classes (eh..) where we stayed until 10:30 at night. That night we booked a hotel and packed for Tampa.
Why Tampa?
My partner had an interview for USF's med school! ;)
We left at 10 am Sunday morning, toured Tampa. Its really, really grungy. AKA, I hate it. We check in at 1:30, run right back out for a tailor. From there we go to a dinner with current med school students and a few other interviewees. They shared large amounts of useful information, because they are amazing. The next morning we were up at 6:30 am preparing. He was out the door by 7 am.
I got back in the bed but I couldn't sleep. He really wants to go to USF, so I really want him to get in. I lay there until 8 then go downstairs for a good workout. After leaving the hotel (it was an embassy suites, I felt very very fancy) I went to check out the campus to see if I would like going to school there for mental health counseling. Its grungy, but the trees are nice.
4 o clock I meet up with my partner whom is so tired all of the color is drained from his face. He's excited, he thinks everything went well. I knew I was going to have to make the 2 hour drive. I was horribly tired and needed a break. Tampa sucks and there is nothing to do, so we go to the movies to get some down time. Nothing good is playing, so despite our better judgement we see A Haunting in Connecticut. It was horrible. HORRIBLE.
Then I drove home while he read Wigfield to me.
It was back to both of my jobs the next day.

I need a nap.