Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its Going to be Different this Time.

To all of my lovely Etsy-friends, Vulva Love Lovely is going to go under construction! With the big move for grad school hopefully coming soon its time to primp and polish my shop, so keep an eye on her. ;)
If any of you lovely people would like to look her over and send me a critique I would be so so thankful, and of course would return the favor.


Nadia Norden said...

Hello lovely VULVA♥,
Just amazed. Let’s be friends!
Tender Greetings and Kisses from Flanders (Belgium)

Proud to be a Lesbian!

Karmaeleon said...


it's difficult to improve an already lovely shop! I'm not quite sure what to suggest - but hey, I am missing some colour in there - how about featuring your more colourful vaginas for a while - or think about different backgrounds for your pictures? But never mind me, I'm just a newbie, who has been inspired by you in the first place ;)
With much love - Simone

Vulva said...

Consider us Vulva Loves. May we never part.

Thanks so much for your feedback!
I switched up the featured listings. Im actually changing all the backgrounds so that they are light gray or light pink, that way the color scheme matches my banner.

Loni said...

I just want to say that I think this is great. I grew up in a religious community where everything is a sin. After I got married and moved out of the neighborhood, I found that I was pretty self-conscious and sexually repressed. The only other vulva's I saw for a long time were the porn-star set, with their pretty little bleached assholes. If I had known earlier in life that people could be so open, I might be more confident. I love your products. They are beautiful. I don't think I'm quite ready to purchase a pendant yet. But I'm planning to as soon as I get that comfy.