Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holidays are Here and it's Time to Donate Some Cloth Menstrual Pads!

I was contacted a few months ago by an orphanage in Sierra Leone. They have 20 girls that need cloth menstrual pads, and we just happen to have the technology they need. We are shooting for 40 pads so that each girl will have two so she wont be without when one needs to be washed.

I am more than happy to whip these pads up at no charge (each set of 4 takes about 6 hours) and cover the shipping , but I could really use some help paying for the materials.

That is where you come in.

Donate just $5 dollars and we will give 1 pad.

Click HERE to Donate $5

We even made a little thermometer. Look how cute it is:

Fundraising Thermometer

Let's make this happen!

* As a Donor your name will be listed on our Wall of Vulva~Licious Heroines.
* If you are a business your company will be listed on our
Wall of Vulva~Licious Heroines, as will a link to your website.

To learn more about the orphanage check it out. *An important note, we donate pads every year to different organizations. We do not discriminate which will and won't get pads. Who ever has girls in needs and asks is in. This year the organization is run by a religious group and we just wanted to stress the point that we are not promoting one religion or ideal over another. We are uplifting women and girls and that is that.

*If you have an organization that is in need of pads contact us at: *

Click HERE to Donate $5

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