Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CSV: Community Supported Vulvas!

Introducing our Vulva of the Month Club! 

What's that, you ask?
Well, let me explain

{Wanna Join?}
e-mail me

How it Works:
This program was created to help sustain VLL as a small business while at the same time provide our customers with beautiful, unique products unavailable on our site.
  • We hand make and hand select all of the products you get in your package
  • We ensure that no duplicates of any product are sent in a shipping season
  • Prices and Payment: you can pay monthly or pay upfront and get a discount
What's in my package?
What is in your monthly package will vary from month to month, but it will go something like this:
  • 2 unseen goddesses (goddess pendant creations that never made it to the site)
  • 1 travel-sized body product
  • 1 unseen goddess
  • 1 completely awesome and riduculous Vulva creation I made in a caffiene induced deliruim
  • 1 signature model card
And to sweeten the deal, every year that you are with the program you will get a handsculpted piece on us.

Pricing and Payment
  • Payments are accepted by PayPal only
  • Your packages are shipped on a monthly basis
  • Each payment period lasts 6 months
  • Each month is only $25, shipping included
    • For orders outside of the US shipping is only an additional $6.50 per month
 Payment Options:
  • You can be billed monthly
  • You can pay for your 6 month session up front for the discounted rate of $20 per package (+shipping if you outside of the US)
Service Fee
  • If this is your first session with our CSV program and you cancel before the session ends you will be charged a $25 service fee.
Reward Program
  • Each year you support us in our CSV program You will get a hand-sculpted piece on us  as a thank you.


Cherish Marie said...

I'm a little confused. If I want to pay for all six months at once, is it only $20 or is it $20 off of the six month total of $150?

Vulva said...

Its $20 per package, so $120 rather than $150


Kim Covell-Campbell said...

Where do we sign up?

Anonymous said...

How do u get the wholesale catalog?

Vulva said...

E-mail me at VulvaLoveLovely@gmail for the wholesale catalog <3