Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vulvas Out and About in December!

Here are all of the customer pics we got this month! 
Now: the time has come to vote on the most awesome/creative/made me smile photo.
To cast your vote just leave the pic number in the comments.
The winner will be receiving a Vulva Arts and Crafts! I put a Vulva on something I randomly happened upon somewhere in my house. An awesome something {awesome bc there is a Vulva on it!}
Our Winner: 
rocking 3 Vulvas at once. 



Marissa {KoDs} said...

#5 She's got 3 vulvas in one pic!!!!

Anonymous said...


Vulva said...

2 for me. I LOVE the colors and the artsieness of the whole thing.

huraczech said...

#3 for her great hair and butterfly (*)

Lelepop said...
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Lelepop said...

i agree with marissa, 3 vulvas are better than 1 <3

Anonymous said...

#6 you rock :-)

Anonymous said...