Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Can it be removed?"- 10 year old daughter's long labia

I got this e-mail recently from a fan and felt it was really important to share. Please do the same. Share like there is no tomorrow.

Jessica, I just had to share this with you. I'm at work right now and this just happened.

A woman brought her 10 year old daughter in for complaint of "possible prolapsed uterus." The mom saw her daughter get out of the shower and noticed there was something "hanging out" of her. When the doctor examined her, we found that this little girl just had large internal labia! You know, the kind that hang low a little bit but are perfectly normal? It shocked me to know that this grown woman had no idea that labia can look different than her own, and the worst part was her saying "Can it be removed?"

My heart breaks for this poor girl. I hope she gets some better sex ed than her mom had, so she doesn't grow up with some horrible hangups about her perfectly normal body.

Now imagine how this poor 10 year old girl is going to feel about her body likely for the rest of her life. Imagine her mother keeps focusing on the fact that *she* feels this is abnormal. What is that going to do to this child as an adult? I think you can guess. 

To all mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers, friends: 
remember this and do what you can to let the girls in your life know that they are unique and beautiful without question. Be part of the solution.


Anonymous said...

As I moved into puberty, my inner labia extended, especially on one side. I felt terrible, thinking that it was like that because I had stretched it by masturbating. What a lot of shame to carry! In fact, I felt a bit ashamed of my vulva for a long time, all the way into my 30s when I first met a man who found a woman's body sacred (though I still found it a bit hard to believe he loved my vulva so much). Later, I loved discovering your website, as well as The Great Wall of Vagina. Up until then, I had only seen homogenous porn vulvas and the kind in books given to teen girls when their parents are too embarrassed to talk to them!

In recent years I've had a broader view of what range and diversity there is for genitals (men and women), and I have come to not only accept my vulva, but also find it beautiful. I have had a few lovers in recent years, since this discovery, and each of them has told me how beautiful they find my vulva. The shape, the colour, the taste.

I'm not sure if I would have attracted lovers who could express that if I didn't already love my own vulva. It took me until nearly 40 for that to happen, but it did. I can only wish for this girl that she finds websites like yours and reclaims her beauty and throws off the shame of her mother and those women who lived before her in her family line.

Mickey James said...

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