Monday, December 15, 2008

Free handmade, Vegan, 100% animal friendly eyeshadow?!?

Oh yes, it is true.

Its a trade off, you pay .20 for the listing fee, 1.30 for the shipping, pick whichever color you like and within a week of receiving it you have to take a picture of yourself rocking it and send it in so that the Glitter Sniffer can use you as a model.

She is looking for girls of all shapes/sizes/colors. Lets send her some great pics of many different kinds women, because I know you are all drop dead gorgeous ( you really are, you have me obsessed).

This is an entirely woman owned and operated business, lets give her our support and have a good time while doing it!
The offer is limited, so hurry and snatch it up!
As always, with much Vulva Love,
Jessica Marie

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Anonymous said...

hey beautiful, what an awesome feature. your blog has really blossomed and i'm impressed. how did your gre's go? hope all is well, hit me up! 1 luv