Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's Contest to See Who Here Has the Biggest Eggs

This month I dare all of you Clitorati to do something you havent done in a long time or always wanted to do for shame of your body.

And make it good.

Going to the store without makeup. Fail.
Spending the day at the mall without makeup - huge eggs.

Letting your partner go down on you which you havent done in forever because you are self conscious of your lady parts- huge eggs.

Take a picture (on your phone for all we care) to prove you did this. Unless of course you did my second example, in which case a photo of your partner and you with HUGE grins and thumbs up would suffice. Post what you did and a link to the picture (if you dont have an image host Flickr is awesome and easy) and you will be in the drawing. You can even post anonymously if you like- if you do rather than naming the winner I will name the act that proves they have huge eggs.

The winner gets 2, count em' 2 lip balms of their choice. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Let the games begin.


phrannie said...

brilliant!! i think mine will be spending a day showing my legs, wearing a skirt or a dress. i NEVER EVER do this. except if i am in a play coz they make me, but they haven't made me in years. i shall get my hubbs to take a pic for posterior... er, posterity!

Vulva said...

Im so with you on that one Phrannie. I NEVER wear shorts, longer skirts yes but i NEVER show my thighs, so Im thinking that may be my big hurdle.
That or spending a day at the nicest mall in town with no make-up on.

Anonymous said...

Well, most of that stuff Iv already done/do....I have no shame of my lady-parts, I almost never wear make up (special occasions only kind of deal) I even go braless on a regular basis.

But heres something interesting that I have been doing of late thats quite a bit outside of my usual comfort realm. As as artist I have begun to explore menstrual painting as a medium (painting with ones menstrual blood).

My most recent piece is here:

Marissa {KoDs} said...

I wear short skirts EVERY day of my life, so that isn't a challenge. While I'm EXTREMELY self conscience with my body, I try not to fight with my thighs. But seriously, pants make me feel claustrophobic, I only wear them for lab because I have to.

So, instead.....
I'm going to attempt to wear a bathing suit in front of friends and people in general. Now that, will be a feat for me. And I'm going to try and have fun while being exposed to the world!!! xD

foureyes said...

today i chopped all my hair off, like i've always wanted. and now i am rockin' a huge mohawk. after i got it cut i walked around the whole mall. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a beautiful Venus of Willendorf necklace made by a favorite artist and friend of mine. Even though I attend a progressive Christian church I always feel like I shouldn't wear Venus to church, or if I do, I tuck her in my shirt. Wearing her like I do every other day would be my BIG EGGS action for sure. I'll post a pic if I do it!

Danielle Roberts said...

I went out dancing at a gothy club with a man that I am terribly interested in. He is built like Jack Skellington and I am a large curvy girl. Normally on an occasion such as this I would show off my cleavage-- which I consider to be my best feature-- and hide my legs-- which I consider to be my worst features. For this challenge though, I covered up the cleavage and exposed the legs with slits up to my hipbones in the panel skirt. Which meant when I was dancing, my legs were fully exposed. And to be honest, the challenge worked out well, because even though I was a quivering pool of maddening insecurity in my mind, I had more than one stranger tell me how awesome I looked. So thank you for that experience. :)

Vulva said...

Alright team, here is my submission.

First, I went an entire day without makeup. I went to Starbucks, Micheal, Target and the post office sans eyeliner. Here's some pics of me, really me.

I also heard that the curator of the World Exotic Art Museum was giving an intimate tour and the invite was open to the public. I dont think much of my work, or my ability to 'sell' it so I gathered up my eggs, put on my favorite piece and went. She asked where I had acquired it and told me that she may be interested in purchasing some of my work for the museum. I never felt so good about myself.
Here is a pic of me at the museum:

I'll let you all know if she purchases some pieces :)

Heather said...

I taught my girls age 2y. and 5y. the proper name for their vulva...I was scared what the family would think to tell the truth...but I just don't care anymore...Its nothing to hide!

Anonymous said...

First off, let me be the first (probably not) to say that Miss VulvaLoveLovely is totally super duper pretty. Holy crap. <3

Secondly, I never wear makeup. Or skirts, or cleavage shirts. Hardly ever.
Not because I am self conscious, but because I am lazy. If I saw this post any sooner, I would have taken the time out to make myself look super pretty for a change. It'd probably feel like a treat.