Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are the Clitorati and we have the Eggs to Prove it

So Im at the gym and I have this brilliant strike of lighting. Here we are, the Clitorati, and what the hell are we doing?
-not much.

So, every month we are going to play truth or dare without the truth part. Im going to dare you to do something, something uncomfortable and awesome. Im going to try and make sure the dares always empower you and other women, not just one or the other. Im sure at some point I will run out of ideas and we will all throw into the challenge pot.

I'll ask for some easily attainable proof that you did said dare and provide my own, cause I sure as hell am not sitting this out. Then your name gets thrown into a box and we have a winner. The prize will depend on the difficulty of the dare.

We are The Secret Order of the Clitorati,
and we have the eggs to prove it,
and it will be epic.


phrannie said...

cool!! this sounds fun 8)

Marissa {KoDs} said...

This is freakin' epic!!!