Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Love Tirade on the Word Cunt

Did you know that I think your awesome, amazing even? Your revolutionaries, lovers, movers and shakers.

So lets talk Cunt.
For some reason out of the blue the word has come up a billion times this week, so I felt moved to go on a love tirade.

Cunt can be a powerful word. But why?
Can you think of a worse word in the English language? One that conveys more hate, more disgust, or contempt? Urban dictionary can't, and if they can't I don't know its possible.

But, before you jump to use the word to convey your complete, justifiable anger and contempt of the person that screwed you out of money or a job take a moment:
What word do you think is used the most to refer to rape victims by their assailants?
What about women abused by their male partners?
Even more specifically, what about women emotionally abused by their partners?
What about prostitutes? What about child prostitutes?

Bitch is pretty high up there but one word reigns supreme: Cunt.
Because nothing quite gets that contempt across the way Cunt does.

Cunt has another component that makes it of particular interest to us:
It refers to women. When used on men it is to relate them to women. A Cunt is a Vagina is a Woman. There is no soley male word with the same intense meaning as Cunt. The only thing that comes close is dick. But dick can be bad (you're a total dick) or good, (he has a huge dick). Now, replace dick with Cunt. You're a total Cunt. A bit heavier, no?
What about: she has a huge Cunt. If said this would probably be meant to be insanely offensive.

Cunt takes all of the negative stereotypes about women and rolls them all into one word. When dissected you think things like: whore, bitch... again, all female.

Instead of propagating its use and the ideas behind it by using it to insult eachother and others let's own it. Let's use it to uplift eachother and ourselves. Let's kill the harsh bitterness attached to it.

As a woman who has heard this word in some of the worst of times I would like to ask you, humbly, with so much love, please don't use this word to attack. We are all so much better than what that word labels us as. We are awesome, amazing, revolutionaries, mothers, sisters and lovers.

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Anonymous said...

YES! If you haven't read Inga Muscio's book "Cunt", it's a great read. Love your work!