Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hear Her Roar: Jamie



Can you see them?

Haunting my most precious part of my being.

Stealing my essence.

Hiding in my creative Soul’s center, choking the snake curled at the base of my spine.

The demons are heavy in my energy center from which I am supposed to vibrate at my highest level of well-being.


Instead of being able to honor that vibration and move through the veil to see all truths, I see only darkness.

There is no light.

And in that darkness I am cut off, not only from honoring the beauty of myself, but the flow of trust towards my husband.

Pain overshadows. Fear dominates. Shame reigns.

I have surrendered.

But I am awakening.

Because I am loved.

I have nothing to lose.

Everything to gain.

I desire to move back and forth through the veil.

To experience my power in its highest form.

To trust.

To be one with all that is.

One with the person that loves me infinitely.

I see the light.


Anonymous said...

That is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those incrediable words!

Jamie said...

Thank you :)