Saturday, June 2, 2012

I LOVE this Middle School Girl! LOVE

A while ago I got an e-mail from a middle school girl saying thankyou for opening her mind to the concept of something as audacious as loving her body. That was at least 8 months ago, if not longer. It totally made my day. Then-

I woke up to this follow up e-mail in my inbox this morning:

Although I have emailed you before, I feel it necessary to tell you exactly how you have helped me in the past couple weeks. Boys, especially older buys, will shout at their friends "you're a pussy!" or something like that when their friend won't fight. Finally I just remembered what you had taught me and I stood up on the bus and told this guy to just shut up about girls' bodies, how they are beautiful, and how he should give them more respect. He was years older than me, and I definitely "heard it" from his friends. But I didn't sit down. I didn't stop telling them to be quiet about our perfect bodies. Yes, they think I am crazy, but they did shut up. I just kept remembering what you say and why you do what you do! I don't have any money to spend right now, but as soon as possible I am going to buy a necklace or charm or something, wear it to school, and just tell the teachers that it is a flower if they get suspicious. It wouldn't be normal for a seventh grader to wear a vagina on a string during school, and I might get in trouble... in which case I will tuck it in my shirt or hang it from my backpack. 
So, all in all, I love you, my vulva, your vulva, and VULVALOVELOVELY. Thanks! 

I remember being a teen. I remember how hard it was to go against the communal norm and I really just have to say: This girl is going to be one hell of an amazing woman. So, M: know that you are really something special and with a mind and determination like yours: you are bound to play a part in making change. Big change. And I love you for it. 

So much Vulva Love and admiration, 
Jessica Marie. 

PS: you always make my day. Jus sayin. 

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Mo said...

OMG thanks so much! I love you too!