Friday, October 31, 2008

Kimya Dawson what??

Kimya Dawson of the Modly Peaches hearted my shop and I had no idea.

I sold a wallet not too long ago, packaged it, mailed it, then sent out a survey. When she answered the question, "How did you find out about my shop?" she answered with "My sister turned me on to Kimya Dawson's store (we love her from the Moldy Peaches) and you are listed amongst her favorites."
I did some searching and there I was. Kimya Dawson, one of my favorite artists, loves my Vagina. i was so overwhelmed, her music is so wonderful and the fact that she recognized my shop made me so happy. My self esteem got a huge boost and I am ready to work on my Christmas stock!

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Anonymous said...

i think the colors in your blog work well with the pictures of your products...its a wonderful color flow and eye transition. i also look forward to following your blog; you have very interesting things to say, with a very informed, compassionate perspective. i emailed you about the feature~

good luck with getting your blog off the ground!~