Thursday, February 5, 2009

Again, for real?

This is getting silly.

I was approved for health insurance! Score!

Except that its not effective until 3/1/09. There is a lump in my breast now, I want to have it looked at now.

I still cant bring myself to let my father in law give me a breast exam, the thought makes all of my hairs stand on end.

Ive cut out all of my caffeine (it has been replaces with horrible headaches and nausea, I think I may be slightly addicted), Im hoping that will make it magically vanish.

I believe. ;)


setsuna said...

K, as a nursing student, I'm telling you that you REALLY need to get that lump checked ASAP! As awkward as it may be to let your partner's dad do the inspection, it could save your life. Isn't that worth a little awkwardness?
I love your blog-it's so empowering to women. But you can show women the best example by taking charge of your health right now!

Casey said...

yes. get 'em checked now please

Vulva said...

Thanks so much for your support.
I am making an apointment with him to talk with him about it at his office. Then, if from what I tell him he feels that he should check it for any reason then I will submit (while blushing horribly).
If it wasnt for you guys I dont think I would have set up any kind of appointment with him, thank you so so much.