Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Shame, Shane!

L the word is reverently watched by a massive number of lesbian/bisexual/straight women across the world.
Most of them want to be Shane, which is understandable. Throw an L Word party and at least 50% of the guests will be those sought after Shane look-a-likes.
Talk about influence.
So she's pretty great, why am I ranting?

Because apparently she is magical, of another species, perhaps a Deity of some kind, and this is never dealt with in the duration of this show.
The character Shane is suspect for having had sex with over 1000 people.
20% of the population is affected with genital herpes. Therefore Shane has slept with 200 people positive for genital herpes. 18% of the population is affected with HPV, so she has slept with 180 people positive for HPV. About 1% of the population is positive for HIV, so that is about 7 people.
And yet Shane is never suspect in the show for being positive with any STD.

With so many adoring fans for not just the L Word but Shane in particular this seems just a teeny, tiny bit irresponsible. So, to the creators of L Word: shame on you.

So, how does Shane do it?
Personally I believe that she is a magical unicorn.


ClemArt Design said...

She has genitals of awesomeness! Thats how she does it I am sure.

Vulva said...

I imagine that a magical unicorn would have genitals of awesomeness.
My hypothesis has yet to be discredited.