Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Order of the Clitorati

Introducing the Order of the Clitorati

The Order of the Clitorati is a group of people with one thing in common: Vulva Love. Whether its love of their Vulva, other's Vulvas or a delightful combination of both. They have come together to change the way the world looks at our Vulvas. They demand universal Vulva Love. They also demand candy, delicious candy.

Members of the Clitorati get special privileges at VulvaLoveLovely. There are listings available only to members. There will be sales that only members can take advantage of. In the future there will be a Vulvalicious Clitorati membership package that only the Order will have access to and with any luck: secret decoder rings. Also, delicious candy.

To become a member all you have to do is become a VulvaLoveLovely Facebook fan.
This is how the Order communicates and receives updates. You will find most communication in the discussion boards.


Once you have become a fan e-mail me at VulvaLoveLovely@Gmail.com with your name and you will receive an e-mail back with the word sacred to the Clitorati. You will use this word when accessing listings/sales/and other manner of secrecy limited to the Order. That is all your e-mail will be used for. All other notifications will be given through Facebook.

Join Us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so excited! Reading the article you posted yesterday makes me realize just how important our Vulva Positive Community is!

Vulva said...

It really is. We need to get out there and spread the Vulva Love. Especially now that V Day is right around the corner!

Herina said...

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Anonymous said...

That leaves out those of us who don't do Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Can I be a member of the clitorati if im straight? Please say yes. ��