Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dandelions Love Breasts: Our new Dandelion Breast Elixer is in!

Dandelions have a special proclivity for breasts.

Dandelion oil helps promote deep relaxation of breast tissue which keeps you from having sore, tender breasts. It also helps break down cysts, helps clear minor infections and relieves impacted milk glands. With all of these powers combined long term use helps reduce likelihood of developing breast cancer. 

Naturally, we had to put it into a lotion so decadent you would want to use it more than every day.
So, I blended organic dandelion oil into a rich, velvety cocoa butter cream base. Not only does cocoa butter smell and feel divine, it has long been used to help increase the elasticity of skin to help prevent the development of stretch marks.

To top all of that off I added a sprinkling of essential rose oil. Blended with the delicious smell of cocoa butter makes this stuff more addictive than lip balm: except its far better for your body.

Because not only are you regularly working to break down cysts and relax your breast tissue: your regularly massaging your breasts and when you do that you are far more likely to find any unwelcome lumps as soon as they arrive.

ingredients: water, mineral oil, glycerol stearate, cocoa seed butter, alcohol, organic dandelion oil, lanolin, rose essential oil, benzyl bezonate
*all of the ingredients are bought from companies certified as cruelty free by

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