Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Our Models: Proudence

I Never thought that my vulva would be dirty.
Even when I realized that mine was not exactly “pretty” as ones I saw in many porn movies.
But... are they real? Maybe not.
And over all: Who decides if a vulva is “pretty”?
I'm not an expert maybe... but I never heard about canonical measure and proportions for a Vulva.
Have to read Winckelmann's ideal of beauty once again... There's something I don't get.

I can assure: my vulva is not so perfect (canonically speaking...) But she's so pretty the same!
And, to take care of her, and to cuddle her I decided to make her even more fabulous, with a inner labia piercing. That's my personal present for my 30th birthday.
Oh, I didn't tell you: my vulva has got a very big inner labia. But just one of them.
Can you believe it? So cute!


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