Monday, February 11, 2013

A Love Letter To my Vulva, Peter

This letter was written by someone who's first language is not English. Which is pretty damn impressive. I've left it in his original words because I think that is how it should be read. 

Dear Peter,
Funny name I have for you, ha? It's a name of a dear friend of mine that inspires me.
I remember you the earliest from photos my parents took for some reason, I remember not liking that you were there for everyone to see. I stole those photos, you are mine, not anyone else.
I liked playing with you while I was growing up, it was a very exiting time to wait and watch you bleed. Then, when I started having sex as a woman with men, it was hard. I think then came the time that it started for me – to have hard feeling towards you. Why it's not fun for me to have a pines there?why can't I enjoy you, share you with others. Questions I couldn't answer at that time.
I began my transformation. The most terrible time in my life. I had to hide you, hide my breasts, hide me in a way. I remember that I enjoyed having oral sex, but it was hard too. Somewhere in that time of transformation, I started feeling that it's wrong to have you around. I feared so much from getting caught and have you exposed. I was afraid from being a man, with a man voice, and going to OBGYN. I hated having them looking at you, checking you out, putting things inside you. I wanted to be seemed like everyone else looks without their underwear. So, after many years, we departed.
I took this time now, to explain to you why we had to say goodbye. It's not that you are really gone, parts of you helped building my new parts. Most of you is here today every day in my body, and forever with me. And I love you. It took a long time, a big journey. And finely, I find myself from time to time, missing you in a good way. Thank you for being there with me.
Thank you and happy V day to you, and all other V's out there.

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