Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donated Pads for Sierra Leonne- Because we need to Spread the Vulva Love

Every year in November we start taking donations for cloth menstrual pads, and every year the recipient has changed- completely incidentally. Whoever asks us to donate pads first get them: obviously so long as they are a non-profit organization working with women and girls who cannot afford pads and need them to go to school. That's all it takes.

This year we were contacted by an orphanage in Sierra Leonne called Jonothan's House. They had 20 girls in need of pads. I donated my time and made all the pads free of charge: I asked my followers to help me out with the base material costs. Together 20 pads were donated by customers and created by myself, and I threw in 4 more from my own pocket just to top it off. 

So a huge thank you to all of you who donated. I really couldn't have covered all 20 girls on my own, you are freaking fantastic. 

If you are an organization that is a non-profit and has girls/women in need of pads e-mail me at VulvaLoveLovely@Gmail.com ASAP and we will rally the troops for next year.


Anita Friesen said...

I was wondering.... would you be willing to share the pattern and get more sewers in on the action? This is something that could be worked on year round all across North America....(and Europe, and Australia... :) ) imagine the number of girls and women we could outfit with pads if every state and province had even just ONE seamstress making ONE pad a week.... I would be thrilled to participate.....

Vulva said...

right now VLL is just too small for something that awesome. It is literally just me, and with running every faucet of the business while at the same time going to school I just wouldn't be able to pull off organizing something with even a moderate number of seamstresses that continues year round ontop of it all.

That being said, there are tons of patterns available online for free! If you would like to make it happen you can set everything up and I can promote it for you! :)