Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Menarche Diaries: Lula's First Period

The Menarche Diaries:
Lula's First Period
I knew it was coming. My mother never talked to me about it, but I had gotten second hand accounts from my friends.
When I first got my period I was home alone with my father. My mother was visiting her sister out of town. I woke up at 6 am from the cramps. That beautiful early morning blue light poured into my room. I had the sense to get to the bathroom, and when I did I saw dark brown blood on my panties. 
I didn’t have a clue what to do.
My insides felt like they had been ripped to shreds and I was panicked and alone. I snuck into my father’s room where he was sleeping, knowing that my mom kept disposable pads in the bathroom.  Back in my room, sobbing, I put the pad on upside-down.  It pinched and my body hurt and I cried harder, curled up in my bed and watched a Disney movie, praying to God the entire time that the searing pain would go away and that I would be ok.

Eventually the time came when I had to tear the sticky pad off so that I could wear it properly. It hurt and I was completely ashamed.I kept that shame with me for years.
~Lula, USA age 25


Katharine Krueger said...

Wow, a powerful read. So good that Lula shared this!

In case this wonderful piece is seen by a preadolescent, I want to say that very few girls experience pain like this. Everyone has their own experience.

Vulva said...

Kat, being Lula I can say I think a lot of the horrible pain was a result of complete terror plus cramps.
So yes, for any preadolescents reading every experience is different and pain is very tied to your mental experience. If you have even slight cramps and throw in fear you are going to end up with a really unhappy situation. So read up, e-mail me with any questions and we will make sure your first period experience is MUCH better and less painful than mine. <3