Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Menarche Diaries: Nicola's First Period

The Menarche Diaries:
Nicola's First Period

I am the eldest daughter out of two girls. My mother also has three sons.
Honestly, my mother didn't take the time to teach us much of anything.
It was assumed that school would teach us what we needed to know, and thankfully our school had a class to explain periods and sex to the girls. When my period arrived, I simply disposed of my bloodied underwear, grabbed a sanitary pad from the cupboard beneath the sink (my mother was still menstruating) and took my clothing down to the washing machine in the kitchen. As I passed my mother in the living room, I casually said 'I've started my period' and she almost screamed! Then came the questions 'Are you alright? Do you know what to do?' It seems her concern came as an afterthought.
This is why I'm completely for school programs teaching sex education.
People tend to forget that it's not just the act of sex that is taught, and for some, it's valuable information about themselves and their own bodies they will not be provided with elsewhere. 
~Nicola Murray

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