Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Learn About Mentruation! Vintage Sex Education Video

*So, how does the egg get from the ovary into the fallopian tube? Why, via Menstruation Magic of course!

During Menstruation:
*Bathe or Shower (But not with freezing or scalding water! It's ok to bathe in water of an extreme temperature generally, but if you are menstruating and you do this some unknown bad Menstruation Mojo will take over your Uterus)
*Wash your Hair (Dry it quickly! Bears can smell menstruation in wet hair)
*Swim (But not on the first days of your cycle. If you do that then it's sharks that will smell your menstruation. Even in a pool you want to be careful- while they can't get you there they will smell your menstruation and know)
*Dances and Picnics are cool.


Anonymous said...

love it. be sure to wear your prettiest dress!

Susan said...

Thank goodness the advice about strenuous exercise got tossed out long before I started my period! Running track in middle and high school probably saved so much money on pain meds since it always did the trick of relieving my cramps. :)

John said...

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