Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vulva: Original- Objectification you can Smell!

There's a new product on the market and we don't even need to tell you why it is completely, horrendously disgusting. 
The website will do that for you. 
*For your own well being, we marked out the name of said product. If you really want to google it, trust us, it wont be hard*

Now, don't get me wrong.
Finding women to be sexy, alluring, erotic: that's all good. We are all of those things and MORE. 
But this takes creeper to a whole new level. And for all of us brunettes, redheads, gray goddesses and other non-blonds: apparently our Vulva's don't smell erotic enough for the male public . That goes for anyone over the age of 19 and over size 1 in skinny jeans.

Dear strange men that I don't know:
She doesn't know you and she doesn't want to know you.

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