Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Perfect Vagina: The Documentary

For your pleasure, the full documentary.

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

*Some warning: you see a labiaplasty.
It will make you feel it in your toes: but seeing it really opened my eyes to the incredible amount of shame a woman must feel to go through with that. Its only a few seconds and if your anything like me, it will make you cry.


Pseudo Genius said...

I used to worry about how long my lips were. People make derisive jokes about "not too much lips" and my minora chillax past my majora.

I went to a nurse, the only time i've ever asked a question of that nature to a nurse, and I mentioned the kinds of jokes these rude kids make about girls who masturbate too much, or have too much sex, that it stretches their lips out.

The nurse laughed in my face. And i know that seems like a rude or unprofessional reaction, but ironically enough i remember feeling immediately comforted. I thought "okay. that's a ridiculous question. good."

Since then, the size and shape of my lips hasn't worried me at all. In fact, a lot times longer lips might lend to more queefs, but it also creates more suction during intercourse, and mine are shaped like the Mermaid Pendants.

I got one, and i wear it proudly. I'm considering the Coy Koi, because it's beautiful, too.

I appreciate you posting this vidoe, though, even if it's just that i didn't realize the range was QUITE so wide! 2cm to 10cm is .7 to over 3 inches. That's a hell of a range. And mine might be 1.5-2 inches, so i actually am normal, and here i thought that i had freakishly long lips.

Screw everyone else.

My labia are luscious.

Rebecca said...

I think this is a perfect female reflection of the male cometary about men and their penises.

I am honestly confused about the whole thing.

I admit I don't have a close as I should relationship with my vulva. We exist together and take for grantit that we are not gonna leave each other.

As for people being put off for what my vulva looks like. Well... they would have to look past the eight to nine bits of metal and tattoos I got down there.

Susan said...

I agree completely with Rebecca. Almost the whole time I was watching the video, I was thinking about circumcision and the guys who get circed as adults because it "looks better," and the guys who go for reconstructive surgery to get their foreskin back because they're upset that they were circed as babies. Definitely a lot of parallels, and I think both issues need to be addressed. And really, who cares what your bits look like? If you have a partner who really cares that much, you probably don't want to be with that person anyway.

This is probably inappropriate, but when she said, "Love your lips," at the end of the film, I thought of the Veggietales song "Love My Lips." It's about the face lips, but still. "I love my lips!"