Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Panties are all in a Twist at this Transphobic Libra Tampon Commercial

Wow, this upsets me beyond belief.
As any of my friends/customers know, menstruation is kinda my thing. Its something that has been vilified since the beginning. It is something that has created a sisterhood between all women since the beginning of time and yet, since then we have been unable to utilize that bond or power because we are taught that there is something inherently wrong with menstruation.

To see a commercial in which a woman actively flashes her tampon with pride is such a deviation from the usual " Our tampons are sneakily packaged to look like candy so that no one will ever suspect if they happen to fall out of your bag, heaven forbid" aim that they normally take. It would leave me jumping for joy with excitement.

At least, that is what I thought.
But to see this huge step in advertising (which, lets face it, is a big source of cultural and social beliefs) done solely on the backbone of transphobia makes me so mad that I am literally biting my tongue. As if the underlying message of shame wasn't enough, now pride or even just acceptance of your period is ok, so long as you are putting a trans person down. There are so many profanities I want to spill out all over this computer screen.

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