Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012: Year of the Vulva? Absolutely.

The Chinese new year is just days away and everyone is all excited about the year of the Dragon.
Which is nice.
But, I'm pretty sure everyone knows its the year of the Vulva.

And that doesn't mean people born in this year wont pair well with a snake but would do great with a horse. That's silly.
It means that this year will birth something new and amazing for women.
And I'm actually for real about this one. As soon as midnight hit this year I felt this amazing electricity in the air. If we want it, this year is ours.
If we as women come together as a united front, something crazy awesome is going to happen and the world is never going to forget it.

And don't give me any of that, "we can't change the world" crap.
 Because we've done it already.

But what can you do?

*Sponsor a girl's education 
*Adopt a Clitoris
*Volunteer at a battered women's center
*Switch to cloth pads and donate your un-used disposable menstrual products to a woman's shelter
*Challenge a friend or a group of friends to take our New Year's Resolution Challenge.
Sure, were past the new year but its never too late to start loving yourself.
*Support women-owned businesses 
*Support women and body positive businesses
*Talk to other women in a way that shows you refuse to be shy or ashamed of your body. 
~Talk about the beauty standard, talk about menstruation and what it is to be a woman. Make the topic of being female far from taboo for the female community. Word can be viral, talk about it and let it spread.

Decide what it is you are going to do. It doesn't have to come from this list. Hell, create your own list. Just decide to do something. Even if its just one thing. Post it here, be accountable. Change the world. 


Avluv said...

Please support the work I do for Vulva Health Awareness for debilitating conditions that affect the vulva and for vulva cancer. I have been working without pay since 1997 for this cause. www.lichensclerosus.org and www.vhac.org (which is under construction) Then spare a thought for the women who are diagnosed with HPV related VIN of the vulva. Please realise that the same HPV virus that causes cervix cancer can cause VIN, unfair and biased education on HPV virus leaves out this community of women. The truth needs to be spoken. I hope you will all help me. Fabia

Kath said...

FABIA FABIA just wonderful work, just so YOU. Very proud of what you have done here. All women in the world need to know how precious and wonderful this part of their body is instead of many having the ewww factor. WOMEN love your vulva, trust me you don't know what you have till it has gone. Mine is ALL lost due to cancer, don't wait till it is too late.