Friday, January 6, 2012

This New Year: Change the Way You SEE, Not the Way you LOOK - A Body Positive Blog

Every year around this time Women all over the world decide that they are going to something that: instead of changing the way they feel about themselves will make them feel worse about their bodies. 
And you're picking up exactly what I'm puttin down. 
Loose weight, fit into those skinny jeans, blah blah so on and so on I look like crap. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Wanting to eat right, get fit and healthy, work your cardio: those are fantastic.
Loosing weight to look good is NOT the same thing. 

And here's a hard truth: You will never be happy with your weight if all you are doing is trying to look good. 

You'll reach your goal and decide you can loose another 5 pounds, then another 2- just to get rid of love handles that only you can see.
Don't believe me? Ask almost any 'thin' woman if she is happy with her body size.

It's the way society programs us, women especially. We are never pretty enough, never thin enough.
Still don't believe me?
Crack open this month's Cosmo.
If we could be naturally beautiful then how would anyone sell us anything?

So, to the point. 
If your New Years Resolution is to loose weight because you're not happy with yourself do YOURSELF something that won't make you feel worse. Do something that will change the way you see yourself. 
But what, you ask?

Every time you look in a mirror, 
find something you LIKE about yourself.  
And Girl, I mean EVERY time.
Even if its just one thing: that freckle on your cheek, the curve of your lips, your fingers or toes. 
Find something new every week and soon you will find there is a HUGE picture, a beautiful one, that you were never able to see because everything in our society tells you its not there. 

The first few times it will be tough, but after a while something awesome will happen.
It will be easy as pie. And the things you like about yourself will start piling up.
Write them down on your mirror.
I write them in red lip liner pencil.
Because I am DAMN fine. 

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DeAnna L'am said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! We, as women, are BEAUTIFUL exactly as we are!
Thanks for this reminder and challenge :-)
Inviting you all to get inspired to love ourselves unconditionally with "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" post: