Friday, January 27, 2012

Year of the Vulva Pt. 1: Lower Prices = Vulva Love

You are going to hear me say it a vagillion times: 
This year is the Year of the Vulva. 
And that doesn't only apply to women changing the world (which is going to happen this year)
It applies to VulvaLoveLovely
This year is our year. 

So the first really big, freakin awesome new change?
Last night I was up late and had too many glasses of chocolate soy milk and I lowered all of the prices on our pendants!
Most by $20, some by as much at $70. 
The average price has gone from $63 to $48.
{It was a crazy night}

Financially, things are tough for all of us. 
But the reason we started Vulva Love Lovely was to spread the Vulva Love. 
The best way to do that? 
Having you Vulva~licious women wearing our pendants so that other women start a conversation with you about it.

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